Mindfulness for Businesses


“This is a tough economy. Stress reduction and mindfulness don’t just make us happier and healthier; they’re a proven competitive advantage for any business.” Arianna Huffington

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More and more Organisations are turning to Mindfulness because it’s proven to solve problems of  stress and absenteeism, is easy to learn and do and increases staff  productivity, satisfaction and happiness.

There has been a ‘mindful movement’ happening throughout the UK and North American business community which escalated in 2014/5, as reported in the National Press and evidenced by Universities, Schools and institutions such as the NHS.


Heinz, Hughes, Nortel Networks, Raytheon, Deutsche Bank, Yahoo, Texas Instruments, Unilever, Bridgewater Associates, Apple, Mark Benioff, Salesforce.com, Oprah Winfrey, General Mills, Procter & Gamble, AstraZeneca, Credit Suisse, KPMG, Reuters, Bill Clinton, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rupert Murdoch – what do all these influential leaders, CEOs, celebrities and influential businesses have in common?

They all practice mindfulness and the art of meditation.

Mindfulness in Organisations

31% increase in brain productivity and 291% increase in effective hours worked *1

Fortune 500 companies (such as General Mills and Comcast) and others (such as BASF Bioresearch, Bose and New Balance) are amongst those whose executives “meditate and consider such a practice beneficial to running a corporation”.

At Aetna Health Insurance, CEO Mark Bertolini made yoga, meditation and wellness programmes available to his then 49,000 employees. Duke University conducted a study on the savings in 2012, and found a seven per cent drop in healthcare costs, and an additional 69 minutes of productivity each day. The company had 3,500 people sign up for their mindfulness and yoga programmes.

A professional-development program “Mindfulness at Monsanto” was started at Monsanto by CEO Robert Shapiro.

Mindfulness in the UK

46% reduction in employee turnover and 64% feeling more engaged in their work *2

UK Companies include Transport for London, NPower, Innocent, the NHS, Virgin, BP in Canary Wharf and Goldman Sachs.

The Bank of England has previously run taster meditation sessions for its staff as part of a series of ‘working life seminars’. Over 50 MPs in parliament have tried out weekly mindfulness sessions.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills holds free voluntary weekly lunchtime meditation classes.

Google has invited mindfulness gurus to speak at the Googleplex, used an internal mindfulness programme called Search Inside Yourself since 2007, and has walking meditations and ‘mindful lunches’ to focus employees’ minds.

Mindfulness Results

Join companies who’ve increased profits by 315%. Make your organisation an inspiring place to work *3

Ky Wright, one of the co-founders of Lick frozen yoghurt, recently moved the firm’s offices into a co-operative space in Brighton, where he takes part in yoga and breathing exercise classes with others from around the building. He says the impact it has on thinking, clarity and well-being can be “incredible”, and dramatically increases his own and his colleagues’ happiness.

Gareth Lymer, Managing Director of creative solutions company Sense Worldwide, agrees. He’s practised meditation everywhere, from alone by a lake to on the Tube in rush hour. “Meditation enables me to strip away the layers of prejudice, fear, hope, greed and ego that disconnect me from the most original solutions”.

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