Corporate Mindfulness


Corporate Productivity and Staff Wellbeing through Mindfulness

Universal Journey offers cutting edge courses, training and coaching to help your Organisation achieve and maintain a competitive advantage.

Find out why Google, the Bank of England, Apple, Bill Clinton and British MP’s value it so highly.

Let me show you how incorporating Mindfulness can have a significant impact on your internal/external relationships and bottom line.


Corporate Mindfulness is divided into three main areas;

1 to 1’s
1 to 1 mindfulness coaching

As a qualified Coach and Mentor, I offer a completely personalised series of four x 1 to 1 consultations, which is proven to be the most effective length of time needed to get the best results.
By the end of our first session you will already feel more balanced, confident, peaceful and clear.
You’ll notice a tangible improvement in the way you relate to people, perform in meetings and when giving presentations, and in other areas where listening and communication skills are key.

Mindfulness Coaching is ideal for:

  1. Leaders and Managers
  2. Your Sales Team
  3. HR and L and D departments
  4. CEO’s and Business owners.

Personalized Training for Groups

If you have identified a need for training in mindfulness combined with communication and listening skills, I will work along side you to identify the core issues you’re facing and propose a long-term solution.
I usually suggest a Course if there are a series of steps that need to be taken to resolve an issue. In this way each training section builds upon the next, creating a cumulative effect for powerful and lasting change.

Our Mindfulness Courses are ideal for:

  1. Leaders and Managers: boosting management and leadership skills
  2. Your Sales Team: increasing sales and client retention
  3. Frontline Staff: improving communication and co-operation
  4. Customer Service Teams: improving customer service
  5. Onboarding: integrating new hires or combining departments
  6. Reducing Absenteeism: increasing wellbeing and reducing stress

After an initial telephone consultation to establish some clear goals for training, we would personalise these by incorporating your Organisations ethics, values and any model you currently use, such as StrengthsFinder 2.0.


I run bespoke Workshops around Mindfulness combined with communication and listening  skills.

These last a half or whole day depending on your required outcomes and are usually limited to 30 participants.

Because Workshops are intense bursts of learning they come with suggested add-ons to maximise the long-term benefits to you and your staff, such as:

  • a debrief with feedback on candidates performance along with individual strengths and weaknesses
  • a detailed step by step follow-up plan for you to implement after the workshop has finished
  • coaching suggestions for individuals to maximise their potential
  • coaching for you to accelerate yours and your team or department’s growth and development
  • insight into knowledge gaps and suggestions for training.


Our unique approach to teambuilding promises to deliver outstanding results for you and your Business.

We can help your Team:

  • Work towards a common goal
  • build rapport and participation
  • generate new ideas and increase motivation
  • improve productivity, interpersonal skills and solve problems
  • encourage an atmosphere of trust, confidence, energy and creativity.

Find out more about Teambuilding

Talks and Demonstrations
Introductory Talks

To learn how Mindfulness can work for you and your Business, I deliver a high-quality, memorable bursts of training to your employees, group, meet-up, charity or organisation.
It’s a good way to experience the power of mindfulness and delivers simple strategies that work instantly.

I guarantee that in some way, each person will experience a tangible shift in the way they listen and communicate with other people whilst learning to manage stress and become more creative and productive.

The format is 90 minutes of tuition and exercises with a strong practical focus, followed by Q & A and feedback & suggestions.


46% reduction in employee turnover and 64% feeling more engaged in their work *2
Join companies who’ve increased profits by 315%. Make your organisation an inspiring place to work *3
31% increase in brain productivity and 291% increase in effective hours worked *1
Less stress & better sleep: 33% Average reduction in the stress hormone cortisol and 42% reduction in insomnia *4
250% more effective at reducing anxiety than any other technique and 65% more energised and productive *5
19% reduction in sick leave & 31% in mental health disorders. Increase in performance, problem solving, focus & memory.*6

Interested in reducing staff absenteeism and improving personal and staff effectiveness? Want to add revenue to your bottom line?

Mindfulness has been proven to help – let me show you how.

Book a meeting with Alison and read Alison Roberts Mindfulness BIO 1015


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