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Selling Mindfully

My approach to meeting and selling to groups of new clients was very different before attending Alison’s presentation. I used some of her suggestions and achieved 130% of my quarterly sales target in the first 2 weeks of the quarter.


Selling Mindfully?

I’m really drawn to the idea of selling mindfully, of using Mindful techniques to increase sales.  And I have been very successful at using them. Here’s why…

If you think about it, some of the core principles of mindfulness are;

  • being present and focused

  • listening deeply

  • paying attention.

Selling Mindfully, Universal Journey MindfulnessWhen you’re present and focused on the conversation, you don’t miss anything. You’re ‘out front’ not in your head making assumptions on how things are going or your prospective customers needs.

When you’re listening, it’s so much easier to get a big picture of the person speaking, what they want and how you can serve them. You hear the layers of their conversation and what they are really saying.

Lastly, by paying attention you begin to see how what you have meshes with what they want organically. The connection between the two of you lights up as they are speaking.

So when you respond, you are embracing a much bigger picture of them than they can see themselves, synthesizing it through the lens of your product or service to bring forth a close to perfect match!

There are two other components which I would say are necessary to the sales process, whether this is selling a service or product, your idea, concept or proposal or even yourself during an interview. They are:

1. Planning and preparation

This is the part when you get ready, set your intention and do your background research. By getting ready I mean have all the physical tools you need such as pen, phone, up to date contact details and a clear space around you to put them. Setting your intention, apart from being of service, solving someone’s problems and making a connection is also about your approach.

I take a minute to center myself so that I can be my best for them and me and use a mindful breath to do this.

Background research is obvious, but so often people don’t do it. Even if I’m calling someone with a view to networking, I will look them up on Google and find out about who they are. This gives me something to ask questions about… Seeing their picture helps me connect with them and some sense of who they really are. You can do this through mindful practice, starting with your free audio.

It goes without saying that being 100% confident about your product, it’s features and benefits and how it addresses the pain points of your customers is a vital part of your preparation.

In the case of an interview, it’s how you and your experience benefit the organisation you’re applying to.

In the case of a presentation, it’s the key message you want to embed and that will instigate action.

2. Ask questions and make suggestions

The smartest people are inquisitive. They ask lots of questions. The more open ended questions (that people can’t respond with a straight yes or no to) you ask, the more the person or group opens up, the more information you get and the more quickly the meshing process starts to happen.

Selling mindfully means asking the questions you’re inspired to ask, not the ones you think you should. It means listening to where the answers land and staying open, having confidence in you and your service, and that you’ll know when the time if right to make suggestions. If you do this right, your suggestions will make complete sense and land perfectly.

If you want to know how I achieve 93% sales conversions, get hired for every job I apply for,  and can inspire a room full of people to take action, get in touch.

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(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – the Mindfulness habit

The best way to capture moments is to pay attention. This is how we cultivate mindfulness. Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing.


Cause I try and I try and I try and I try – I can’t get no… satisfaction


satisfaction - habit of mindfulnessWhen looking at the benefits of mindfulness, it’s tempting to say ‘impossible’ – how can one action affect everything?

But of course, what we’re talking about here is a realisation followed by a habit, not a single, isolated action.

The realisation is personal.

In my case it was that something was missing in my life… some deeper sense of meaning that I wasn’t getting from my outside world or relationships.

In the case of a client this morning; feeling trapped for the last few years – that her life is not as she wanted or hoped it would be.

Trapped inside a mind that can be negative, fearful and confused.

When you see it clearly, it’s funny – and she immediately regained her sense of balance… the realisation that with this new perspective, she is powerful, capable.

How do you stay powerful? Adopt a mindfulness habit. A practice of being awake, of listening to your inner and outer voice and making sure that it is kind and patient – soft and firm at the same time.

As soon as I hear my inner voice being anything less than accepting, positive and empowering, as soon as my shoulders feel tight, and I begin to feel upset, angry or hurt, I bring myself back to the here and now – I breathe and I am calm.

I have food in my fridge, a roof over my head – I am safe.

I have done things that are so much more difficult than this before – I am powerful.

Then I get out of my head – I am present.

I take ACTION.

This repetitive practice has been going on for 26 years and has allowed me to expand myself beyond anything I thought possible. It is the foundation of my being. This stillness. This peace. I have taught it to clients to help them regain their sense of self and to my son to reduce exam nerves, amongst other things.

This is the one thing – this mindful habit – which truly does have a positive effect not just on my world, or your world, but ours.

So take a deep breath and in this instant, be satisfied.

Welcome – first mindfulness post

call-centre-calmI saw an article today which made me think…

It was posted in 2013 in the Huffington Post and talks about how mindfulness is becoming ‘popularised’ and possibly losing its roots.

What struck me even more was the thought-provoking reference that the corporate world might be adopting it as “cow psychology” – because ‘contented and docile cows give more milk’.

In other words, if employees are happier and more productive the organisations thrives, but isn’t this (without the somewhat sinister undertones) the whole point? What’s wrong with working in a positive environment?

After all, if we’re happier, calmer and more creative, we perform better – and this ripples out and affects not just our working but our home life and relationships too.

So, I am all for companies who are willing to invest in employee wellbeing. Of course it can maximize profits, but it also helps you hold on to your best people, reduces workplace stress and fosters caring and compassionate relationships. It also produces real results!

My approach to meeting and selling to groups of new clients was very different before attending Alison’s presentation. I used some of her suggestions and achieved 130% of my quarterly sales target in the first 2 weeks of the quarter.

I applaud organisations who were early adopters of mindfulness, who could see the potential and cared enough to try something a bit different. It’s no coincidence that they are some of the world’s most forward thinking companies; Google, Apple, Unilever… The kind of companies that many people aspire to work for and who challenge employees to be their best selves.

Should we call for our employers to adopt mindful practices?

Stop for a moment and think of your workplace. What one thing could be improved through mindful practice?

McMindfulness? As for it losing it’s roots – it’s been evolving as a practice for 2,500 years. Of course it’s become ‘popularised’ as it’s become more mainstream, but like every truly valuable practice, it has many layers.

Is presenting a pared-down entry-level option for beginners wrong?

Mindfulness practitioners will quickly see (as I have done over the last 26 years) that it has far more potential than stress reduction.

If you’ve never tried it before, why not start today with your free audio?


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