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About Mindfulness Courses and Coaching in London and Alison Roberts.

My interest in Mindful techniques started because for as long as I can remember I have known that I had the capacity for more – and been aware of a bigger picture of life on the periphery of my vision.

I began my career as a Beauty Therapist then in cosmetic sales, insurance and financial services, but it was working at Oral B in my early twenties that I first became interested in personal and professional development.

Results in Sales: What Oral B was teaching us on courses, such as matching and mirroring, was something I was doing automatically, giving me a 93% sales conversion rate without really trying.

The main thing I seemed to be doing very differently was listening. This helped me to instinctively tune into what each client needed without really ‘selling’.

It was incredibly energising and I became addicted to the peace I got from being completely present. This mindful practice spilled into other areas of my life, prompting a deeper personal quest.


The whole Universal Journey system began with Mindfulness – that being present and listening affects everything. Listening to ourselves, to others, to the deeper signals and communication that we all use (often unconsciously) somehow brings us closer to a state where we are healthier, more creative, inspired – in the flow, on track and engaged with that ‘bigger picture’. Life as we know it can and should be.

It’s an awakened state that has a positive effect on everything. As one of my Clients pointed out, its “like the difference between living in black and white, and in colour”.

I was recommended to your course and was initially a bit sceptical but have been blown away by what I’ve learnt. I didn’t expect our sessions to have such a huge influence on my work and business. On a personal level it helped me to be more open with my emotions and more accepting of myself as a person.
Results from Research and in the Press/Media: The whole system was perfected during 6 years research and development on 11,500 clients – with a 98%* success rate.

During that time, I received a lot of interest from the Press and Media. I was featured on TV (BBC 1, Living, ProSieben) and Radio (a series on BBC Radio 4) and in the UK mainstream Press.

If what you have read so far has resonated with you in some way, it would be great to connect ‘socially’ or in person. Maybe work together at some point…

My approach to meeting and selling to groups of new clients was very different before attending Alison’s presentation. I used some of her suggestions and achieved 130% of my quarterly sales target in the first 2 weeks of the quarter.

Why choose our Company?

Universal Journey Mindfulness R and D

Our history and experience means that you can trust us to give you a personalised solution and get the results you’re looking for.

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Universal Journey customer love

You get transformational results; a more positive outlook, a life of meaning and purpose, more confidence, inner peace and closer relationships with loved ones.

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A gift of peace to yourself

Presence is a gift. It means you stop missing precious moments with loved ones because you’re ‘in your head’, suffering from stress-related illness or feeling guilty.

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Our Features

We have 26 years experience and extensive Media coverage. We know Mindfulness at a deep level and have tried and tested it on over 11,500 clients with a 98% success rate.

Reliable solutions that last a lifetime: many of our customers have been with us over 20 years, use the techniques we have taught them every day and pass them on to family and friends.

Our practical and easy to implement Mindfulness techniques stop you living life stuck on auto-pilot. They wake you up, keep you present and guarantee fast results.


We support and send part of our profits to Pencils of Promise because being a teacher, I believe that “Everyone has promise. Education unlocks it.”


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