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  1. Selling Mindfully

      Selling Mindfully? I’m really drawn to the idea of selling mindfully, of using Mindful techniques to increase sales.  And I have been very successful at…

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  2. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – the Mindfulness habit

      Cause I try and I try and I try and I try – I can’t get no… satisfaction   When looking at the benefits of mindfulness,…

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  3. Mindfulness in the business press

  4. Does silence have a sound?

        In the absence of nothing, there is something… Even if this something is nothing. Confusing, no?    As I experienced more and more…

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  5. Mindfulness for Businesses

  6. What to expect from Coaching

  7. Personalised Corporate Teambuilding and Mindfulness

  8. Mindfulness training improves sports performance

  9. Benefits of Mindfulness Practice

  10. Welcome – first mindfulness post

    I saw an article today which made me think… It was posted in 2013 in the Huffington Post and talks about how mindfulness is becoming ‘popularised’ and possibly losing…

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